Cuts of Meat at Tables Grill

Discover the all-new cuts from Tasmania

In addition to our eclectic menu of fresh sustainable seafood and prime meats from the USA, discover our new prime cuts of Robbins Island and Cape Grim from Tasmania, Australia. Savour the full flavours of pure beef, created with animal’s natural diet in mind, the region’s renowned wilderness and pristine coastal environment – all fed by nature.

Robbins Island

Explore the extraordinary breeding of wagyu since the early 1990’s by fourth generation cattle farmers of Robbins Island. The cattle are retained on pasture for at least 18 months before moving to 450 – 500 days of grain finishing for consistency of marbling. Located on the north western tip of Tasmania, blessed with temperate climate, the farm is known also for its band of horseman swimming the cattle through saltwater channels at low tide to move them peacefully between grazing areas, during the seasonal musters.

Cape Grim

Also situated on the far northwest corner of the island, shaped by wild Southern Ocean swells, abundant rainfall and ‘the cleanest air in the world’, Cape Grim is dedicated to nurturing the finest quality of British breed cattle. With an average rainfall of 187 days a year, the pasture here – plus pure air and water – makes it the ideal environment for grazing and the perfect place to grow superior beef.

Come see what skilled hands can do!

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